We are a company specializing in the production of NC rotary tables and milling heads for NC customers.

SEMPUCO regarded as an industrial service provider who realized customer requirements consistently.
Together with our customers to configure and develop exactly the components that make the machines more competitive.

It is our normal business, customer-specific components in the batch size of 1 to produce economically, and so make our customers more successful.
We manufacture the components in all kinds of axle and drive variations as well as in all the required drive power and almost all sizes and designs - even for workpiece carriers elektroabrasive procedures are available from us.The automation of machine tools, we support the delivery of automated Fräskopfwechselsystemen.In the past few decades has become so incredibly wide range of products developed, which can be represented no more advertising.We are organizing handicraft industry and can therefore our clients to the highest feasible physically accompany technical accuracy ranges.

With our large production we are able to produce parts in all the desired qualities and accuracy and can also supply spare parts overnight.
Over 80 flexible employees waiting to fulfill your wishes.Are shown on the homepage of our product lines will only give an idea about our product range.
Please contact us, please let us know your requirements and request from your personal offer.

We are building what customers want.