Two-axis universal milling head/manual

P=37 kW, n=3,000 RPM, M=1,000 Nm, SK 50 


Construction principle:
Two-axis milling head with automatic tool clamping

Swivle axis:
- Position to the bolting surface: 45º
- Swivel range: 360º
- Reading accuracy: 2 angular minutes

Load data:
- max. speed: 3,000 RPM (constant)
- max torque: 1,000 Nm (constant) up to n=294 RPM
- max power capable of being transmitted: 37 kW (constant)
  at 294 RPM

- True running of the inner taper of he milling spindle in plane
  A and plane B as per DIN 8601
  measuring point 1 l=15 mm 0.010 mm
  measuring point 2 l=300 mm 0.020 mm

- Parallelism of the milling spindle rotation axis to the milling head's screw-down surface during swivelling through axis (A-A) as per
  DIN 8601 0.020/300 mm/mm

- Rectangularity of milling spindle axis to scew-down surface (45º planes) 0.020/300 mm/mm

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